Stress Releasing Essential Oil Roll On Blend

Stress Releasing Essential Oil Roll On Blend

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Stress Releasing Roll on Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil blend is made with peppermint, french lavender, eucalyptus radiata and helichrysum essential oils in a fractionated coconut carrier oil.  Unwind from your day!  This blend has already been diluted in a carrier oil for skin use and is ready to wear.  Apply the dilution to your temples or forehead, wherever you are experiencing pain.  These essential oils work together to help you ease tension.

This aromatherapy blend is refreshing and uplifting.  This Stress Releasing Roll on Blend has a fresh, mint top note balanced by a crisp, clean, woody undertone.  The helichrysum essential oil brings the scents together with a floral, mint middle note.

Vegan.  All Natural.  Handmade Essential Oil Blend.

**This is a 3% essential oil dilution in fractionated coconut carrier oil.  Ready to roll on to skin!**

My essential oil blends are not made with MLM (Multilevel Marketing) essential oils.  I design my own aromatherapy blends with high quality essential oils using recipes I have created.  

This essential oil blend is packaged in a rollerball bottle with a stainless steel rollerball for easy application.  Bottle will be packaged in a box with crinkled kraft paper for safe transportation during shipping.  Perfect to give as a gift!

CANADIAN ORDERS - No customs or duties charges to worry about because my shop is in Canada!


You should dilute all essential oils with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil, prior to skin use.  This product has already been diluted with carrier oils and is ready for skin use.  Complete a patch test to ensure you are not sensitive/allergic to an essential oil.  If you are pregnant or suffering from any medical condition, consult a health practitioner before use.  Keep essential oils out of reach of children and pets.  Do not ingest or use essential oils internally.  The statements in this listing have not been evaluated by the FDA or Health Canada and is not intended to provide medical advice.  This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


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